Perimeter of Square

Perimeter of Square

Perimeter of Square

Total covering or outer length of a closed plane figure is called the perimeter of the figure. A square is a quadrilateral or a four sided plane figure having its all sides equal and each angle 90°. Therefore the sum of the lengths of all four sides of a square is the perimeter of square.
perimeter of square ABCD
In a square, all four sides are equal and the measure of the side is taken as the length(l) of the square. In the given figure; ABCD is a square and AB, BC, CD and AD are its four equal sides.

Length of the square ABCD = AB = BC = CD = AD = l

Perimeter of the square ABCD = AB+BC+CD+AD
                                                  = l + l + l + l
                                                  = 4l


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Hence the perimeter of the square is given by the formula:
Perimeter = 4l

Also, the length of diagonal of the square is given by
diagonal of the square ABCD
diagonal = l√2

Workout Examples

Example 1: Find the perimeter of the given plane figure.
square of length 8 cm
Solution: Here,
                          The given figure is a square of length (l) = 8cm
                           Perimeter = 4l
                                               = 4 × 8cm
                                               = 32cm

Example 2: A square garden is 35m long, calculate: (a) Perimeter of the garden. (b) The length of the rope required to surround it to 5 times.
Solution: Here,
                          The length of the square garden (l) = 35cm
                           Perimeter of the garden = 4l
                                                                       = 4 × 35m
                                                                       = 140cm
                         Length of rope required to surround 5 times = 5 × perimeter of garden
                                                                                                      = 5 × 140m
                                                                                                      = 700m

Example 3

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