Multiplication of Decimals | Division of Decimals

Multiplication of Decimals | Division of Decimals

Multiplication and Division of Decimals

Multiplication of Decimals

In multiplication of decimal number by a whole number or by a decimal number, multiplication is done as normal multiplication of numbers. Then the decimal point is inserted in the product so obtained by counting the digits from the right to the left so that it is equal to the total digits to the right of the decimal points in both the given numbers.


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For example:
While multiplying 2.35 by 7, we get 2.35 × 7 = 16.45 (Since, total decimal number is 2, hence after two digits from the right decimal point has been inserted in the product).

Similarly, while multiplying 6.35 by 1.75 we do as follows:
multiplying 6.35 by 1.75

6.35 × 1.75 = 11.1125 (Since, the total decimal place in both the numbers are 4, hence after 4 digits from the right of the product decimal point has been inserted).

Division of Decimals

In division of decimal number by a whole number we divide as we do it in the case of whole numbers and put a decimal point in the quotient after the division of integral part is finished.

For example:
If we need to divide 86.8 by 4, then we do as follows:
dividing 86.8 by 4
 2.432 ÷ 1.6 = 1.52

Note: If there is a remainder in above case, we can put a zero to the right of the reminder and the division is continued. This process is repeated until the remainder is zero or until the required number of decimal places is obtained.

When we divide a decimal number by a decimal number, the divisor should be made a whole number by converting into a fraction with the denominator 10 or power of 10.

Let us take an example of 2.432 ÷ 1.6
dividing 2.432 by 1.6
2.432 ÷ 1.6 = 1.52 

Workout Examples

Example 1: Multiply the following.
a.    45.31 × 41
b.    78.15 × 3.17

Solution: Here,                     
Example 1: Multiply:  a. 45.31 × 41    b. 78.15 × 3.17

Example 2: Divide the following.
a.    148.8 ÷ 32
b.    4.53 ÷ 1.5

Solution: Here,                       
Example 2: Divide:  a. 148.8 ÷ 32   b. 4.53 ÷ 1.5

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