Fraction | What is Fraction?


Fraction | What is Fraction?

A number that compares part of an object with the whole is called a fraction. In other word, we can say the ratio of two numbers is a fraction, in which the upper part is the numerator and the lower part is a denominator. i.e.
Fraction = Numerator / Denominator 
In the above figure, 4 equal parts are shaded out of 7 equal parts which represent 4/7 and unshaded parts 3/7. 4/7 and 3/7 are fractions. In these fractions 3 and 4 are called numerators and 7 is called a denominator.

Types of fractions

Proper fraction

A fraction having numerator less than its denominator is called a proper fraction. For example:
Proper fraction examples

Improper fraction

A fraction is called improper fraction if its numerator is greater than its denominator. For example:
Improper fraction examples

Mixed fraction

A fraction which consists of a whole number and a proper fraction is called a mixed fraction. For example:
Mixed fraction examples

Like fraction

Fractions having different numerators with the same denominator are called like fractions. For example:
Like fractions examples  

Unlike fraction

Fractions having different denominators are called unlike fractions. For example:
Unlike fractions examples  

Equivalent fraction

Two or more fractions having the same value are called equivalent fractions. For example:
Equivalent fractions examples

Workout Examples

Example 1: Write three equivalent fraction of 3/7.

Solution: Here,
Example 1. Solution

Example 2: Convert 17/3 into mixed fraction.

Solution: Here,
Example 2. Solution

Example 3: Convert the following unlike fractions into like fractions and write in ascending order.
Example 3. Solution

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